Wherever you live, I can help you right now. I make things very easy. You don’t have to move an inch. I simply work on trust. I shall take you at your word and protect your license immediately. I start working on your case before you even pay a dime.

It can happen to anyone at any time. My clients are good people just like you who now find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Don’t worry, I can help you. I have 32 years of proven experience personally handling over 7,500 cases. I only handle DUI cases, and I do them every day. I am an established lawyer with known credibility. I am able to favorably resolve matters (dismissals and reductions) on a regular basis with prosecutors that I have worked with for years. I initiate proactive measures immediately, especially if your case involves any enhancements which can create the possibility of jail or other burdensome obligations. There are many things we can do to fix the problem before we go to Court.

Enhancements: speed, high alcohol (.15 or higher), refusals, priors, an accident, drugs, or medication (even if prescribed). Serious consequences can occur now and in the future, if you are: a government employee, a student, a minor, out of state, undocumented, or have or seek any form of a professional license or certification. (Teachers, nurses, bankers, brokers, real estate agents, medical staff, etc.) I have been extremely successful in dismissing cases and reducing charges under all kinds of circumstances. For many, I am the lawyer of choice because I am able to get great results while still being affordable. Call me before you hire anyone to see if I am right for you. I will inform you, guide you and impress you. I am confident that I can help you regardless of your particular circumstance. Don’t lose hope. Any case can be turned around in one fashion or another. I tell you the truth so that we can work together to make it right.

I know your judge, I know your prosecutor, and I know what matters to them. Please call me for your free consultation to discuss what to expect, and how I can help you. My representation includes: (1) the immediate protection of your license, (2) necessary court appearances, (3) handling the DMV process. In some cases, I am able to favorably resolve your matter without you ever going to court. I talk to you directly. I personally return all your calls. I understand your possible fear and anxiety, so I stand by you the entire time available whenever you need me to provide you peace of mind, so do not delay in hiring me.

WARNING: Please call me within 10 days of your arrest, so I can keep your license from being automatically suspended. This home court lawyer with the home court advantage is ready to help.

With Kind Regards,

Ross H. Sobel

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