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If you or a loved one have been recently arrested on charges of DUI in northwestern Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, and other adjacent areas, it is very likely you may be having your DUI hearing in the Van Nuys Courthouse.

About the Van Nuys Courthouse

The Van Nuys Courthouse is divided into two departments, east and west, and it is the Van Nuys Courthouse West, located at 14400 Erwin Street, that handles DUI cases. (Van Nuys Courthouse East is just around the corner at 6230 Sylmar Avenue.)

Both sections of Van Nuys Courthouse are open Monday through Friday from 7:30am till 4:30pm, but are closed on public holidays. Both courthouses serve L.A.'s Northwest Judicial District.

For hearings for misdemeanor DUIs, you should go to room 407 of Van Nuys Courthouse West; while for felony DUIs, go to room 305. Note that parking is available on 6170 Sylmar Avenue for a nine dollar daily parking fee.

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Possible DUI Penalties 

At the Law Offices of Ross Howell Sobel, we understand the gravity of losing your license and suffering other DUI sentencing elements, as well as of struggling to find employment due to the stigma of a DUI on your driving record.

If convicted of DUI at the Van Nuys Courthouse, there are serious penalties that could ensue, including these:

  • A fine and court fees that can combine to over $1,400.
  • Anywhere from two days to six months in county jail for a first-time offense, followed by "DUI probation."
  • Loss of your California driver's license for at least four months.
  • Three to nine months at a state-approved DUI school.
  • Having to install an IID (ignition interlock device) in your vehicle if/when you obtain a restricted license.
  • For repeat offenders, losing your driver's license for a full year and attending DUI class for up to 18 months.

About the DUI Process

When you were stopped and arrested for DUI, the arresting officer issued you a pink temporary license good for 30 days. You have only 10 days from that point to contact the DMV and request a DUI hearing, otherwise, you lost your right to challenge the DUI at the DMV. 

The arresting officer will have administered the PAS (breathalyzer) test and FSTs (field sobriety tests) at the scene of the arrest. A blood (or urine) test, however, is typically reserved to be conducted at the jail. Due to California's implied consent law, all drivers must submit to these BAC tests, and refusal can lead to enhanced punishments if convicted.

You may have only been kept at a local jail facility for a matter of hours to "ensure you leave sober." And soon after the DUI incident, you may have scheduled your DMV hearing. If you are facing an arraignment at the Van Nuys Courthouse, you likely either never had a DMV hearing or lost the hearing. There are some cases, however, where a DUI case will be taken to court by prosecutors even if you already won your DMV hearing.

When you arrive for your DUI arraignment at the courthouse, you want to be represented by an experienced DUI defense lawyer. Ross H. Sobel has been defending against DUI charges for a quarter century. He has amassed an intricate knowledge of California DUI law and local L.A. Area court processes, including those at the Van Nuys Courthouse. Ross Sobel has won numerous DUI cases in the past and will know how to best handle your case as well.

DUI Defense Strategies

Inside the Van Nuys Courthouse, Ross H. Sobel uses a variety of DUI defense strategies, each one tailored to the specifics of the case he is defending. Many people jump to the conclusion that DUI cases are too "straightforward" to be winnable, if a BAC test showed .08% or higher.

This is simply not true, however, for there are many strategies that win DUI cases every day, including these:

  1. Unwarranted traffic stop or arrest: If it can be shown that your vehicle was stopped without probable cause or that you were arrested in an illegal manner, the evidence against you will be inadmissible, likely leading to a dismissal.
  2. Failure to follow police protocols: If the FSTs or breath test were mis-administered, or if police did not adhere to Title 17 when taking blood samples, a dismissal is also likely.
  3. Faulty chemical test results: If your BAC level was barely at or above .08%, an independent test run on your blood samples could yield a lower, under-.08, BAC.

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At the Law Office of Ross Howell Sobel, we will fight tenaciously to defend your driving privileges and keep a DUI off your record.

Ross H. Sobel has the expertise to win the best possible outcome to your DUI case. Contact him today for help, anytime 24/7, by calling 818-582-2350.

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