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The Los Angeles County is a gorgeous place to live, surrounded as it is on three sides by a chain of majestic peaks and yet, from its more elevated neighborhoods, within eye-shot of L.A. skyscrapers.

But residents of The Valley in northern Los Angeles, San Fernando, Glendale, Burbank, and communities have a high incidence of DUI arrests, and those arrested face long-term loss of California driving privileges, heavy fines, possible jail time, and other serious consequences.

At the Law Offices of Ross Howell Sobel, we have worked with and for those facing DUI charges in the Los Angeles County for many years. We understand the local court processes as well as the details of California and county-specific DUI laws. Ross H. Sobel has more than a quarter century of experience in handling all manner of DUI cases. He has won numerous dismissals, acquittals, and reduced charges/sentences for others, and he can do the same for you.

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Possible Penalties for a Los Angeles County DUI

There are literally thousands of DUI arrests in the L.A. Area every single year, and many of these take place in the Los Angeles County Region. State law prescribes DUI penalties, but local counties and municipalities have somewhat different court processes and even different policies for IID (ignition interlock devices) and other sentencing elements.

Whether you arrested and charged with a first time or repeat DUI offense and whether or not there are any aggravating factors like child endangerment, causing injury/death, or hit and run will all affect a potential DUI sentence.

But here are the basic penalties you face for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th or subsequent DUI conviction:

First Time DUI

  • Driver's license suspended for at least 4 months
  • Up to 6 months in county jail
  • Fines/fees that can be as high as $15,000
  • Up to 3 months in a state-approved DUI class
  • From 3 to 5 years of informal probation
  • In some localities, the possible mandatory installation of an IID

Second DUI

  • A license suspension as long as 2 years
  • Up to 12 months in county jail
  • Fines/fees up to $15,000 or even more
  • Either 18 or 30 months in DUI class
  • Installation of an IID at your own expense
  • From 3 to 5 years of probation

Third DUI

  • A suspension as long as 3 years
  • Up to 16 months in state prison
  • Fines/fees of up to $18,000
  • 30 months in DUI School
  • Mandatory IID installation
  • 3 to 5 years on probation

Fourth or Subsequent DUI

  • A license suspension of up to 4 years
  • The possibility of a permanent loss of driving privileges
  • Up to 16 months in prison
  • Fines/fees as high as $18,000
  • A 30-month DUI class
  • IID installation
  • 3 to 5 years on DUI probation
  • A felony conviction on your police record

Fighting and Winning a Los Angeles County DUI Case

Many arrested for DUI in the Los Angeles County assume that putting up a fight against a DUI charge is doomed to failure, but we at the Law Offices of Ross Howell Sobel know for a fact that that isn't the case. We know because we fight and win DUI cases in the area on a routine basis.

The first step to take to fight a DUI is to request a DUI hearing from the DMV within 10 days (not business days) of your arrest date. We can assist you with this, if you wish, and ensure that you can continue to drive your vehicle beyond the 30-day pink slip notice if your hearing is scheduled later than the 30-day mark.

The second step is to gather all relevant evidence, testimony, and information needed to build a defense and to challenge the story of the prosecution.

We have deep experience in the process of obtaining the police report and scrutinizing it for possible errors, omissions, or discrepancies. We also know how to meticulously examine the scene of the arrest, find evidence in you favor, and challenge the results of BAC breath, blood, or urine tests. Furthermore, we are skilled at cross-examining arresting officers and digging up any past records of police misconduct that might affect the credibility of police testimony against you.

At your DMV hearing, and if necessary later at your trial, we have numerous defense strategies we can employ in your behalf. Which one/ones to use depends on the specifics of your case, but here are some of the main lines of defense that often help win California DUI cases:

  • The arresting officer failed to follow proper procedures, as outlined in Title 17, for taking and storing the blood sample for a BAC blood test.
  • Various factors, such as mouth alcohol, spitting up, uses of mouth wash or certain medications, having diabetes, or being on a low-carb diet threw off the Breathalyzer test results.
  • The field sobriety test results are inconclusive. There are many reasons other than being intoxicated that a person could fail these tests. And it may be that you passed some of the tests as well but that police failed to testify to that effect.
  • You had a still-rising BAC level, meaning that your BAC would have been lower when actually driving.
  • Poor driving habits do not prove intoxication.
  • Your rights were violated during the arrest or by being stopped without probable cause.

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